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    LHV Precast Inc.
    Made in America: Virtually all material made and mined in America, Kingston, NY. LHV Precast Inc. is a purveyor of quality precast concrete products made...
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    Design and product
    LHV Precast, Inc. provides engineering design and complete product for: box culverts, three-sided spans, bridge systems featuring Stone Strong Retaining Wall abutments, precast concrete bridge...
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  • LHV Precast, Inc. prides itself in its ability to adapt to your custom projects. We have built million gallon tanks, 49’ retaining walls, custom decks,...
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Over the past year-and-a-half Our mantra here at LHV Precast has been GROWTH.

Thanks to All who have visited us on our new website. Much of the GROWTH that LHV Precast has achieved has been from You—the new customer, and You—the continuing customer who has found out more and more about the products that LHV Precast has to offer. Through our website, our network of associations, and the references we’ve received from You the number of leads has required us to expand our staff.

Jim Willis, VP of Production & Dispatch has expanded the fabrication shop, added 2 new cement silos to the Production Plant, and has replaced 3 trailers in the Transportation Fleet to better serve all our customers’ needs.

So, The Future is looking positive for even more GROWTH here at LHV Precast. Our company leaders are always striving to provide high quality products and services. They are continually searching for potential new products for expansion, while looking for ways to stream line overall company efficiency.