Culvert Replacement for Big Pond Road in Hardenburgh, NY 

LHV Precast recently finished work on a culvert replacement for Big Pond Road in Hardenburgh, NY.

The objective of the Big Pond Road culvert replacement was to replace two 4′ high by 6′ wide corrugated metal arched (CMA) culverts with larger embedded 5′ high by 8′ wide precast concrete box culverts.

Project Engineer: Delta Engineers,

Contractor: Hubbell, Inc.,

During and following Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee it became apparent that a new larger culvert was essential because the closure of area roads due to water overflow greatly hindered the Town’s ability to render assistance to residents. 

The existing culverts did not have the adequate hydraulic capacity needed and frequently caused water to stream over-top the immediate embankments. The newly installed precast culvert would allow for increased water capacity caused by excessive rain. 

For the town of Hardenburgh, NY, Big Pond Road was a crucial evacuation route and it is required that it is safely passable for vehicular traffic and emergency vehicles during future rain storms. The increased size in culvert will now allow for a higher water capacity flow when needed. 

LHV Precast was able to complete the project and deliver high-quality prefabricated culverts that would prevent residents from being stranded and provide emergency vehicles access to reach those in need of help during area flooding. All LHV Precast products are manufactured at the LHV Precast, Hudson Valley facility. For questions and quotes please contact LHV Precast by phone at (845) 336-8880.

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