Chenango County Box Culverts

Contractor: Rifenburg Construction Inc.
Project: D261799 Chenango County
Structure: Twin Cell 20′-0″ x 9′-0″ x 85 LF
Precast concrete box culvert with precast concrete cut-off walls, head walls and wing walls with aprons.
Installation Date: June 17-18, 2011

In two days Rifenburg Construction Inc. installed 18 pieces of 20′ x 9′ x 4′-8.5″ precast concrete box culvert sections along with six sections of wing walls and aprons. Shear key joints were used for wing wall and apron connections while a shiplap joint was used for culvert joint connections. Cut-off walls were drilled in the field through the 2″¬†diameter sleeves and into the apron slaps and grouted with #5 epoxy rebar pins for cut-off wall to slab connection.

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