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Scism Road

Bridge Replacement 24’-0” x 5’-3” 3-sided culvert
Precast concrete foundation
Precast concrete 3-sided span
Precast concrete “L” wall – wing walls

Chenango County Box Culverts

In two days Rifenburg Construction Inc. installed 18 pieces of 20′ x 9′ x 4′-8.5″ precast concrete box culvert sections along with six sections of wing walls and aprons. Shear key joints were used for wing wall and apron connections while a shiplap joint was used for culvert joint connections. Cut-off walls were drilled in the field through the 8″ diameter sleeves and into the apron slaps and grouted with #5 __ pins for out-off wall to slab connection

NY Bridge Crews Save Lives, Time and Money After Irene

Dateline - Oliveria, New York, May 22, 2012 – On your TV or computer the destruction caused by hurricanes Irene and Lee to the upstate New York community of Big Indian last September may have seemed small. It’s only when you see it with your own eyes do you begin to truly appreciate the personal sacrifices and hard work which have brought this Catskill Mountain community back to life. Today, Ulster County Executive Michael Hein provided the crowning touch to the completion of the recovery efforts with the dedication of Cascade Brook Bridge to UCDPW employee Steven Fischer. Before the ceremony, The UC Bridge Crews put in an extra effort to honor their communities and former co-worker who died tragically in 2010. “Most of the bridges in hamlets of Oliveria, Big Indian, Phoenicia, and the surrounding areas of The Town of Hardenburgh were lost,” said Mr. Bob Willis, President of LHV Precast, Inc. ( of Kingston, NY. The bridges, that are the only links between the high mountain villages, are also vital...