Storm & Waste Water Management

LHV Precast, Inc. manufactures septic tanks, grease traps, dosing chambers, sand filters, and holding chambers ranging from 1,000 gallons – 1,000,000 gallons.

Million Gallon precast tank

LHV Precast stormwater and precast wastewater structures are defined as:  aeration systems, distribution boxes, dosing tanks, dry wells, grease interceptors, leaching pits, sand-oil/oil-water interceptors, septic tanks, water/sewage storage tanks, wet wells, fire cisterns, catch basins, drop inlets, pumping stations, wet wells oil-water separators and other water & wastewater products.

Structurally sound and watertight LHV Precast concrete tanks and culverts are designed to withstand loads that other materials cannot; effective removal of fats, oils and greases is vitally important. Precast concrete grease interceptors are the perfect choice to capture and retain harsh greasy by-products that could otherwise destroy a sanitary wastewater system.

Grease interceptors are easy to maintain and a routinely serviced tank will provide generations of trouble-free service. Whether for residential projects or commercial construction, precast concrete is the material of choice for on-site wastewater treatment systems.

ASTM Quality Assurance

LHV Precast maintains strict quality assurance policies in the manufacturing process.  Storm and wastewater products are manufactured to meet ASTM C478 specification.   Reinforced concrete consist of cementitious materials, mineral aggregates, and water, in which steel reinforcement has been embedded in such a manner so that the steel reinforcement and concrete act together. Concrete storm and waste water precast products are tested for compression and absorption. [inline contact name=”Us” ]