Shoreline Protection

When shoreline erosive forces are severe, existing building foundations or structures are threatened, and softer stabilization approaches would not be effective, a new or replacement retaining wall may be warranted. In these cases, Stone Strong® may be the ideal solution for a cost efficient, long lasting and attractive shoreline protection.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation:
Whenever possible, replacement structures should be installed above the mean high water elevation or behind or on the same footprint as the existing structure; not by encroaching into the water. The existing structure, and all fill in the intervening areas, should be removed and the exposed bed restored. The DEC prefers use of precast products.

Lake George Shoreline
Roger’s Memorial Park, Bolton Landing, Lake George, NY – LHV Precast supplied the Stone Strong Retaining Wall block for the new pier at Roger’s Memorial Park in Bolton Landing. LHV manufactured custom precast concrete foundation to fit over the existing wooden pier under water, as well as custom corner blocks to match the existing shape of the pier. LHV changed its standard 4000 psi formula to a high density mix reduced chloride to continue to protect the environment at Lake George.
Margretville Shoreline Protection
The Stone Strong retaining wall system is used here as a channel to control the high waters of Bull Run Creek in the Village of Margaretville, NY. The stream goes from dry in the middle of summer to a raging stream in the spring. The channel was built in 2007 after the floods of 2006. The Channel helped control the flood waters of Hurricane Irene saving many of the residents in the Village of Margaretville, NY. View Project
Peekskill Hollow
The Town of Peekskill’s reservoir is located down stream from this location in Putnam Valley, NY. Adjacent to the stream was a condemned parcel of property house and autobody paint shop. The two towns deemed the failed retaining wall at this location an emergency project. Matt Novellio an engineer and lawyer for the Town of Peekskill recommended the Stone Strong retaining wall system as a permanent fix that could be installed quickly and safely. Andrew Bell created shop drawing for the project. Aphrodite Construction installed 1,800 SF for retaining in 4 feet of water inside of two weeks on a challenging site, maintaining the streams environmental safety and the buildings safety at the same time. View Project